GREZOOM A Professional Contact & Data Management Solution Engineered For Unique Customer Needs
How It Works: Powerful Mailing Tools

Sending Mail

GREZOOM includes a comprehensive mailing engine to help you efficiently communicate with your customers, members, and prospects.
GREZOOM Mailing Engine
Scalable: Send an email to one contact or to your entire customer list.
Flexible & Scalable: Send fully formatted HTML emails or simple, plain text emails.
HTML Templates: Perform personalized email merges using our fully editable HTML template editor.
Comply with
SPAM Guidelines:
GREZOOM will allow you to stay fully compliant with anti-SPAM guidelines. Use our premade unsubscribe page or integrate an unsubscribe link within your own site.
Strong Error Checking: GREZOOM performs a full set of checks on each email address you use before mail is sent. This reduces bounced mail and helps ensure that your message reaches it intended recipient.
Tracking: Take advantage of multiple tracking options to gauge interest in your mailings and measure customer conversions. GREZOOM offers a full suite of built-in tools and is compatible with Google Analytics.
File Hosting: Easily upload images and documents to include in your email messages. There is no need to store these on your own server.
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