GREZOOM A Professional Contact & Data Management Solution Engineered For Unique Customer Needs
How It Works: Customer Communications

Manage Your Customers & Member Information

Stay connected with your customers and the members of your organization with GREZOOM's powerful features.

Update & Import
Create Strategy
1. Import & Update: Easily keep your customer and member data up-to-date. Import new data using our handy import tool.
2. Manage & Strategize: Search, sort, and organize Customer and Member records. Create your contact strategies.
3. Target: Select the right recipients for each communication.
4. Communicate: Manage your emailing, phone calls and other communications.

Distribute products, newsletters, and promotions.

Stay in touch with key contacts and clients.

5. Track: Immediately see how well you are engaging your Customers and Members.
6. Analyze: Utilize numerous tools to see what works and what does not work.
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